Recent theses can be found here and at eScholarship@McGill

"Gold nanodot and nanowire fabrication by Atomic Force Micorscopy"

Manuel Pumarol, November 2008

6.8MB pdf file

"Building foundations for molecular electronics: growth of organic molecules on alkali halides as prototypical insulating substrates"

Sarah Burke, November 2008

30.1 MB pdf file

"High aspect ratio cantilever tips for non-contact electrostatic force microscopy"

Lynda Cockins, August 2006

1.8MB pdf file

"Understanding and controlling the growth of metals and molecules on an insulating surface"

Jeffrey Mativetsky, June 2006

11.6MB pdf file

"Microcantilever actuation generated by redox induced surface stress"

Vincent Tabard-Cossa, December 2005

3.4MB pdf file

"Dissipation and electrostatic force spectroscopy of InAs quantum dots by non-contact atomic force microscopy"

Romain Stomp, August 2005

4MB pdf file

"Development of metallic electrodes on KBr"

Shawn Fostner, August 2005

7.5MB pdf file

"Microfabrication usng bulk wet etching with TMAH"

Duan Xufeng, August 2005

1.6MB pdf file

"Surface Stress, Kinetics, and Structure of Alkanethiol Self-Assembled Monolayers"

Michel Godin, September 2004

7.6MB pdf file

"Cellular Biomechanics Investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy"

Benjamin A. Smith, September 2004

6.9MB pdf file

"Study of Interactions at the Atomic Scale"

Yan Sun, September 2004

5.3MB pdf file

"Investigation of Switching Characteristics of Nanomagnets via Magnetic Force Microscopy"

Shaun Collins, September 2004

2.2MB pdf file

"Buckminsterfullerene on KBr studies by High Resolution NC-AFM: Mlecular Nucleation and Growth on an Insulator"

Sarah Burke, August 2004

8.7 MB pdf file

"Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Tips Suitable for Molecular Electronics Studies"

Anne-Sopie Lucier, February 2004

22.4MB pdf file

"Dual-Wavelength Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy"

Philippe Leblanc, October 2002

7.6MB pdf file

"Magnetic Force Microscopy Studies of Submicron and Nanoscale Magnet Arrays"

Xiaobin Zhu, August 2002

4.2MB pdf file

"Low-Temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy Studies of Superconducting Nb Films"

Mark Roseman, October 2001

6.1MB pdf file

"Mechansims of Nanometer Scale Indentation of a Metal Surface"

Graham Cross, August 1999

2.7MB pdf file

"Metallic Adhesion and Tunneling at the Atomic Scale"

Andre Schirmeisen, June 1999

4.6MB pdf file

"Magnetic Dissipation Force Microscopy"

Yanzhang Liu, October 1997

2.6MB pdf file