TDS of Graphene

Research Interests

Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy (TDS) also known as Thermal Programmed Desorption (TPD) is a method which allows to observe molecules desorbed from a given surface. The temperature of the sample can be ramped in an ultra high vacuum chamber. A Residual Gas Analyser (RGA) gives information on the desorbed species and a four point probe measure the resistivity of the sample at the same time. The aim of this experiment is to show a link between the electrical properties of graphene and the physical desorption of different compounds from its surface. The temperature at which the desorption rate is maximal can also give the activation energy for a molecule. This will help us to better understand interactions between gases and graphene.


  • RGA (200 u) with electron multiplier
  • home made cryostat


  • Jean-Christian Lemay
  • Yoichi Miyahara (Research Associate)


  • Thomas Szkopek (McGill University)