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Former Group Members

Name Current Affiliation SPM group research
 Ann-Lauriene Haag    Electrochemical cantilever sensing
Oscar Iglesias Freire
Nanomechanics & Transport
Abutaleb Haidary Ludia High-speed force microscopy
Monserratt Lopez
Cell Communication & Manipulating Neurons
William Paul Apple  Nanomechanics & Transport
James Hedberg Lecturer, City college of New York 100mK, 16 T AFM, graphene
David Oliver   Nanomechanics & Transport
Antoni Tekiel Bank of Montreal
Molecular Electronics
Stella (Shu) Xing   Cell-Cell Signaling
Mohammad Hadi Izadi RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center MEMS Biochem sensors
Jean-Benoit Lalanne M.Sc. candidate, McGill (Prof. Paul Francois) Nanomechanics & Transport (Summer Student)
Aleks Labuda Asylum Research Solvation Structures
Jessica Topple Chipworks Molecular Electronics
Lynda Cockins maternity leave  Quantum Dot Spectroscopy
Michael Feldmann PhD student Munster Friction of Nanoparticles
Xueling Quan PhD Student DTU MEMS Biochem sensors
Jorge Dulanto Eng., Concordia University MEMS Biochem Sensors
Hélène Bourque   Planar Patch Clamp
Yoshihiko Nagai Genome Innovation Centre MEMS Biochem sensors
Jean-Christian Lemay M.Sc. Student, Laval TDS of Graphene
Fernando Suarez Sanchez   Neurons & Synapse Formation
Till Hagedorn Omicron Nanomechanics & Transport
Shawn Fostner University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Molecular Electronics
Mehdi El Ouali McKinsey & Company
Nanomechanics & Transport
Siméon Morvan CEA-LETI TDS of Graphene
François Castonguay Country Solar Enterprises INC Microcantilever in fluid environment
Ashwin Lal I2N Technologies Ultra Low Temp SPM
Cristian Cojocaru
cristian.cojocaru at
National Research Council Canada-Industrial Material Institute Magnetic nanostructure (Post-Doc)
Jeffrey LeDue
jledue at
BC Cancer Centre Biophysics and SNOM (Research Assistant)
Sarah Burke
saburke at
Assist. Prof., UBC Growth of organic molecules on insulators (Ph.D. Student)
Nela Durisic
PDF ICFO-Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques (Barcelona,Spain)
AFM and single photon fluorescence detection

Manuel Pumarol
pumarol at
Lancaster University
Fabrication of metallic nanostructures (Ph.D. Student)
Matthieu Nannini
matthieu.nannini at
Manager, McGill NanoTools Micromachining Fab McGill NanoTools Micromachining Fab (Post-Doc)
Jeffrey Mativetsky
Assist. Prof. Binghamton University Atomic Scale Electrical Contacts (Ph.D. Student)
Gesche Nahrwold
gesche.nahrwold at
Ph.D. student, University of Hamburg
Fabrication of metallic nanostructures on Si/SiO2 with the AFM (diploma thesis)
Patricia Davidson
davidson at
RA, Cornell University
Deposition and Characterization of Protein Thin Films (M.Sc. Student)
Tanya Monga
tanya.monga at
Roche Diagnostics Cantilever-Based Sensing (M.Sc. Student)
Alex Wlasenko
wlasenko at
UVic Atomic Scale contacts (Ph.D. Student)
Vincent Tabard-Cossa
vtabar at
Assit. Prof., University of Ottawa Microchemical Chemical Sensor (Ph.D. Student)
Romain Stomp
romain.stomp at
SPECS Zurich Low-T AFM (Ph.D. Student)
Sean Collins
collins at
QuantumWorks Mangetic Force Microscopy (M.Sc. Student)
Anne-Sophie Lucier
anne-sophie.lucier at
Air Liquid UHV/STM/FIM/AFM (M.Sc.)
Michel Godin
mgodin at
Assit. Prof., University of Ottawa Microchemical Chemical Sensor (Ph.D. Student)
Benjamin Smith
bsmith at
Brandeis University Biophysics (Ph.D.)
Yan Sun
sunyan at
KLA-Tencor UHV/STM/FIM/AFM (PhD. Student)
Henrik Mortensen
hejm at
Haldor Topsoe A/S, R&D UHV/STM/FIM/AFM (Post-Doc)
Luc Beaulieu
beaulieu at
Assoc. Prof., Memorial University Microchemical Chemical Sensor (Post-Doc)t)
Sacha Schaer
schaers at
EMPA Thun (CH)
Xiaobin Zhu
xiaobin.zhu at
Seagate Technologies Magnetic Force Microscopy of nanomagnetic structure (Ph.D. Student)
Regina Hoffmann
r.hoffmann at
Emil Noether Fellowship, Karlsruhe University UHV-NC-AFM (Post-Doc)
Mark Roseman
roseman at
Government of Ontario (Ministry of Research and Innovation) Cryogenic Magnetic Force Microscopy - Superconducting samples (PhD)
Valentin Yakimov
yakimov at

Philip LeBlanc
leblancp at
Corning, NY SNOM (PhD)
Graham Cross
Graham.Cross at
Lecturer, Trinity College Dublin Ireland UHV/STM/FIM/AFM (PhD)
Andre Schirmeisen
schira at
Professor, U. of Münster UHV/STM/FIM/AFM (PhD)
Yanzhang Liu
zanzhang_m_liu at
Seagate in Minneapolis MFM/Dissipation imaging (PhD)
Minming Gu
minming_gu at
Cisco Systems in Ottawa SNOM (Post-Doc)
Alain Stalder
astalder at
iT_SEC in Zurich UHV FIM/STM/AFM (Post-Doc)
Brett Ellman
bellman at
Professor, Kent State University Low-T (Post-Doc)
Antonella Badia
badiaa at
Professor, U. de Montreal Chemical self-assembled etch masks (Post-Doc)